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Window Heat / Energy Efficiency

Conserve Energy and Save Money

heat uses energy chart

The above chart shows, on the left, what in our homes uses the most energy. The chart on the right shows how our energy is lost. As you can see by the charts, we spend most of our money (44%) heating and cooling our homes and almost half of of that energy (44.4%) is lost through inefficient windows.


High Heat Loss
Low Heat Loss
Shows high heat loss through windows.
shows low heat loss with triple pane windows
The image above shows high heat
loss through the windows of this
The image above shows low heat
loss achieved by replacing the
old windows with Surber's Elite triple pane windows.



summer / winter window graph


Heat Penetration
Video Demonstration
Cold Penetration
Video Demonstration
This video shows how all the other windows allow the sun's heat through and that Surber's Elite, triple pane window in the front right does not allow the heat to enter.
This video shows how the average window allows the cold to penetrate through the window and how Surber's Elite window does not allow the cold to enter.



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Double Hung Windows

The traditional window that slides up and down, but tilts in for easy cleaning.

Awning Windows

Have a hinge at the top and open outward.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are 3 window combinations that project outward from a home.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are 4 to 6 window combinations that project outward from a home.

Casement Windows

Have a hinge at the side and crank out to open.

Picture and Special Windows

These are stationary windows designed to match double-hung or casement windows.

Sliding Windows

Open by sliding one sash horizontally past the other.


A mini video demonstration.