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Dare To Compare

How the competition stacks up!

(A new Updated Graph will be posted here soon.)

The U-factor evaluates the overall efficiencey of a window.
This provides an "apple to apple" comparison of window brands.
The lower the U-Factor, the more efficient the window brand.
The above graph shows that Surber's Elite brand windows
are much more efficient than the major leading window brands.


Dare To Compare!

(A new Updated Graph will be posted here soon.)

Condensation Resistance is reported on a scale of 1 to 100.
The higher the number, the better a product is at resisting condensation.
The results are based on a set of standardized conditions;
(0 degrees F outside temperature and 70 degrees F inside temperature.
Again, the chart shows Surber's windows out performing their competition.

R value comparison of windows showing Surber's twice as efficient.

Single Clear Glass
Single Clear Glass w/Storm
Clear Glass Double Pane
Double Pane
Soft Coat
Low E/Argon
Elite Pack

The higher the R-Value, the more efficient the glass.
Once again, Surber's beats their competition by 100%.

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Double Hung Windows

The traditional window that slides up and down, but tilts in for easy cleaning.

Awning Windows

Have a hinge at the top and open outward.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are 3 window combinations that project outward from a home.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are 4 to 6 window combinations that project outward from a home.

Casement Windows

Have a hinge at the side and crank out to open.

Picture and Special Windows

These are stationary windows designed to match double-hung or casement windows.

Sliding Windows

Open by sliding one sash horizontally past the other.


A mini video demonstration.